The creations of Paolo Chiari Magical World of Cow Alice and available for sale online: the magical world of gnomes, elves, wizards and trolls, items for the kitchen and the house, party favors for weddings, graduations, baptisms with gay animals miniature.
All the creations of the catalog in a few days at your home.

Bow, Wanderer.  You are at the Market Pfoll in the Land of Kfoorp and this is my counter of remedies.
Take your time and visit this land with peace. There are images to admire, to learn the legends and rituals to be observed. Whoever you are, for whatever reason you happen to be here, please be cautious, who crosses the borders of the Lands of Kfoorp changed it back, sometimes more 'inclined to magic, other times more superstitious but always, always say, more cheerful (ehm.. the Cow Alice of Paolo Chiari sometimes claim its own space ..).
As always, best wishes for a wonderful day.

I will be 'glad to receive your comments in my Guestbook.

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